Certify the resilience of your Kubernetes infrastructure

We are committed to ensuring the utmost resilience and security for your Kubernetes applications through the use of Chaos Engineering. This revolutionary methodology involves intentionally simulating failure scenarios to evaluate the robustness of your environment. It is the most effective way to identify and mitigate potential issues before they can impact your operations.

With our expertise in Chaos testing and participation in KubeInvaders, we are here to support you 24/7 and ensure the success of your certified infrastructure.

We are the first company to provide a certification service that guarantees with guaranteed intervention in case of infrastructure problems.

Resilience Certification with Chaos Testing

Our Kubernetes infrastructure resilience certification is designed to put your environment’s robustness to the test. Through rigorous testing, we simulate failure scenarios, including a 20% capacity reduction, and critical situations to ensure that your Kubernetes cluster can handle any challenge.

Test Frequency

Our Chaos tests are conducted regularly every 3 months to ensure that your infrastructure remains resilient over time. Additionally, we are available to perform tests upon customer request, such as evaluating changes made to your applications or infrastructure.

Application Validation

We don’t just certify infrastructure resilience; we also validate the robustness of your applications. Our certification service ensures that your applications can operate reliably in any Kubernetes context, delivering an optimal user experience.

24/7 Support with Guaranteed SLAs

Upon achieving certification, we offer dedicated support services. Our team of experts, well-versed in Kubernetes, is ready to respond 24/7 in case of issues with your certified infrastructure. We guarantee rapid response times and reliable service with high standards of support.

Continuous Availability

Your certified infrastructure is critical to the operation of your mission-critical applications. That’s why we are committed to ensuring continuous availability. We are prepared to intervene for any issues related to your certified infrastructure, providing expert support as part of our service. Our goal is to restore proper functionality to your infrastructure as quickly as possible, ensuring uninterrupted operations.