Cookie Policy

The Cookie Law mandates website owners in EU to obtain permission from users before storing or accessing any information on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s aim is to enhance online privacy by educating users about the collection and usage of their personal information online.

We need technical cookies to let you log in and to mantain your privacy. Each site requires technical cookies to log in people. For example, after a valid login we automatically generate a cookie and store your unique session id inside it. When you request pages on our site, your browser can send us this cookie so that our server can read it, understand the login context and keep the web session active.

The cookie will be automatically removed on its expiration date, or when you log out of our site. We also set a couple of other technical cookies (short lived) that the application needs for your own security, for example one of our security countermeasures that’s in place set a temporary, one time, token on some critical requests to avoid Cross Site Request Forgery attacks, or to set flash alerts.

We could also collect a short life cookie to understand if it was a first visit to this site.

If you don’t want any cookie to be saved in your browser, even technical, you can simply use the anonymous browsing features, normally called “Incognito browsing” or “New anonymous window”. Study the help of your browser to understand and use that function.

We hope you understand and accept. Please also read our Privacy Policy.