Solutions in Platform


Chaos Engineering

of course based on DevOps and Kubernetes

Certify the strength of your containerised platform through our professional Chaos Engineering service

We support and contribute Kubeinvaders with enterprise features

We offer a resilience certification service for your containerized infrastructure using the currently most supported open-source Chaos Engineering tools.

We believe in the conscious use of open-source toolchains and DevOps methodologies

We want to be your compass in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation landscape

We assist our customers in finding the right solutions in the ocean of open-source tools for enterprise, but only through those certified by the CNCF. We strongly believe that a compass is needed to navigate effectively, avoid vendor lock-in, and achieve technological independence

Adoption, tuning and upgrade of kubernetes

Maximize the power of Kubernetes with our professional offerings.We support the kubernetes ecosystem in the round and provide support and professional services to ensure you have complete management of your Kubernetes infrastructure.

From DevOps to…

We started as DevOps Engineers, but we understand that the market requires adaptability and evolution. Therefore, we have a strong foundation to embrace the most innovative aspects stemming from the DevOps culture: Platform Engineering, GitOps, SRE, and Chaos Engineering. We are the first in Italy to merge all of these into a single service offering